Gold Coast Advertising

  1. NEVER share your account details Never share your Gold Coast Advertising account details or password with anyone.
  2. PROTECT your identity Never share personal or private information, eg: your date of birth.
  3. DON'T ACCEPT online money transfers Conduct face-to-face transactions only. Payment confirmation by email can be faked.
  4. MEET IN PUBLIC when completing a sale Take a friend with you or tell friends and family where you are going.
  5. BE SCAM AWARE use common sense If you feel the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. If in doubt, don't do the deal.
  6. BE ALERT for suspicious behaviour Emails offering large sums of money or requiring security deposits are common scam techniques.
  7. DON'T ACCEPT part payments Buyers who want to take the item and pay for only part of it should not be trusted.
  8. ASK QUESTIONS and be an aware buyer Ask questions of the seller and inspect the item before you pay to avoid disappointment.
  9. NEVER wire money to agents People who ask you to use wire payment services are likely to be scammers.
  10. NEVER have items shipped You may lose your money if the item never arrives.
  11. KEEP your system updated Always install the latest software updates and use a virus scanner.
  12. REPORT abusive or suspicious behaviour Trust and safety are important to us. If something doesn't seem right, report it to us.
  13. NEVER SHARE your details We will never ask for your account details. Don't ever give them out via email or phone.
  14. SAFETY is top priority for our users Gold Coast Advertising endeavours to keep your information and details safe at all times.


  1. DO NOT buy rare or expensive breeds online The breeder may be from overseas and you could be scammed.
  2. MAKE SURE you pick up your pet in person If the seller will not meet with you they could be a scammer.
  3. DO NOT buy puppies or kittens under 8 weeks Puppies and kittens must stay with their mother until 8 weeks of age.
  4. CHECK the pet's documents Make sure that your pet's documents are genuine as they can sometimes be forged.
  5. DO NOT give deposits on pets or animals It may difficult to prove and you may not get your money back.
  6. MAKE SURE you can be responsible for an animal Do not purchase an animal or pet if you are not able to look after them.

Tickets & Events

  1. ALWAYS check ticket resell policies Some events will not allow a buyer to resell event tickets. Always check with the official organiser first.
  2. CHECK tickets are genuine Tickets can be forged. Always check your tickets before handing over money.
  3. CHECK the event has not been cancelled Check the tickets are still valid. If your event is cancelled you could lose your money.
  4. MAKE SURE you are able to transfer details on tickets You may be required to supply the ID of the original buyer or be refused entry to some events.
  5. BE CAREFUL of buying printed tickets Scammers can print multiple copies of the same ticket.
  6. BEWARE of hidden fees Some organisers charge extra fees to change the name of the ticket owner.
  7. DO NOT have tickets posted by mail Always meet ticket sellers in person as your tickets may never arrive.


  1. ALWAYS inspect properties in person Renters or buyers who cannot view properties can be fake, even if they claim to be overseas.
  2. DO NOT sign a contract you have not read Read tenancy contracts carefully before agreeing to anything or you could be at risk of fraud.
  3. DO NOT have keys posted to your new property This is a common scam. Fake agents promise to post keys which may never arrive.

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