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What is a banner ad?

A square graphic display that stretches across the right sidebar of every page in our classifieds website giving you much needed exposure for your business.

What do i get for my money?

You will receive an email every week and month with report on how your banner ad is doing, this report will include how many people clicked your banner ad and how many people viewed your banner ad.

Plus depending on the period or the package you choose, your banner ad will exposed to the traffic we receive on our website daily and it's alot.

One last thing your banner ad will be displayed by people who use smartphones and tablets to view our website.

Don't have a banner ad, help me?

Well if you don't have a banner ad then let us know in the form below and we can design you up to 4 banner ads for your business, service or product, that's right so get cracking below and get your business advertised.

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