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New security measures added

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Just recently you may or may not have noticed that the Gold Coast Advertising website got hacked, it crashed and was out of order for a couple of days.


Well did we learn a whole lot more since that happened.


We have now implemented new security measures to prevent that from happening again, they include,



  • Captura symbols added to all public forms
  • SSL digital certificate to secure all the website
  • All new and existing classified ads are now checked before they go live
  • New firewall systems added to website and updated regularly
  • All website systems are updated and regularly updated on a daily basis
  • New memberships to website use the Captura symbols


Well hope this was not to hard to understand, but our number one aim here at Gold Coast Advertising is to ensure you and your data is safe and secure and that your experience is a most enjoyable one, as we value everyone of our customers.




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