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Gojuryu Karate & Self Defense all ages

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What many people fail to realise is that Karate is much more than punching and kicking....Karate Jutsu is an integral part of Karate as old as Karate itself, and involves throwing, trapping, grappling, joint locking, choking,body shifting, sweeping etc....these techniques can be derived from the study of Gojuryu techniques, and application of Kata.... the body will be conditioned and strenghened to withstand blows and the mind and character will be developed to make sound decisions and to not act irrationally.

At Gold Coast Goju Karate we teach basic life skills that challenge our students throughout not only their Martial Arts training, but also their everyday lives. Junior students are taught to be respectful and polite toward their parents, siblings, teachers, elders and to those less fortunate than themselves. They are also taught the importance of education, and doing their best in school.

Our teenage and young adult students are taught to set achievable goals and that hard work does have its rewards. Through Karate, they become more confident and develop an attitude of self-reliance. This increase in confidence enables them to better cope with issues of peer pressure to be leaders rather than followers and helps them make correct choices.


Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast
1 Whistler Drive, 4220

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